Monday, October 5, 2009

b-day party

Saturday we had a b-day party here at the house for Skylar and barbie,i can't believe my baby is 4 already,and barbie 21?? i can remember when me and Josie got together,she was just a little pip squeak,and now she'21?where did all them yrs.go?makes ya think,we are here for just a wisp of time,anyway,Skylar got what she wanted, pollypockets!!!!!!that's all she talked about for months,and barbie got a mp3 player,nicer than mine,it holds more song than mine,i downloaded 199 songs on it that night,she said she wanted only christian songs on it,so i got Go Fish,Third Day,Mercy Me,and i put a couple of surprises on their too like Glen Kaiser and Brian Head,who used to be lead guitar player and singer for korn,but JESUS got him and now he's playing pretty much the same kinda music,but with a different message,but everyone had a good time,i grilled some burgers and hot dogs,there were about 25 people here so we had a crowded house for a while.well gotta go for now ,keep reading ,and GOD bless!!!!!!!

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