Sunday, October 11, 2009

myan calender?

Give me a king size break!!!For one thing,the BIBLE says no man knows the time or date the SON of MAN will return,not even JESUS knows,only the FATHER knows,so the end of the world in 2010?Where are the Mayans?They just disappeared?No,history shows us they were a very bloodthirsty tribe,so much so,they were sacrificing themselves out of existence's.What do you think the people in the Midwest felt in the early 1900's when new Madrid fault started shaking the earth,the earth opened up and sand plums shot hundreds of feet in the air,the Mississippi ran backwards,bells rang in Boston,and it lasted for over 3 yrs.,Not just one big quake,several huge ones,the people thought the end of the world was coming to an end ,and then,it stopped,no man knows the time or day,2012,come on,we need to concentrate on what's really important like raising our kids right,making sure they be come good citizens,good role models for the next generation,good parents,good people.

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