Thursday, September 3, 2009

vacation 2009

as you can see from the profile pic,we went to Orlando,had a great time,but,we did not go down there to go to Disney world,our oldest son Brandon was one of the top bible quizzers in the state so that moved him up to world status so we got to go to world quizz in Orlando,then out of 40 questions given to them,he only missed 3,so that put him in the 8% of the world quizzers!!! you talk about one proud mama & papa!!! then on the 4th of july,we went to Disney world, i don't know if you heard about the mono-rail accident that killed a 21 yr.old kid,we were on the mono-rail when it happened,thank GOD it was at another park when it happened,but man,sure makes ya think of life a little different.well that's all for now,catch ya on the flip side,more vacation news to come!!!

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  1. That is the first vacation pic I seen. I would love to see more Disney world.