Friday, September 18, 2009

watts uuuuup people??????????????

like the title says,i've been having some internet bugs,but i squashed'em,and were back baby were back!!!!been a crazy week,yesterday was nothing but dr. appointments and dentist and man i'm glad thats over!!!our youngest took her first ride on a school bus monday,she got right on it,sat down,strapped herself in,and waved bye,now,i'm not a real emotional kinda guy,i get choked up sometimes like right after 9/11,the world series had someone sing GOD bless America during the 7th inning stetch,and at the end of the song,an eagle flew down from the very top of the stadium in center feild to it's trainers arm at home plate,i'm sorry,but i lost it!!!but when my little baby girl got on that bus and did what se did,I LOST IT!!! i thought,well,all 3 are in school now,now what,i'm home for all this time by myself,now what?so here we are,blogging,i like it ,cause if you talk to anybody i know,i'm a rachet gaw,in other words, i'll talk your ear off!!!so i look forward to sharing with you what's on my mind,how much i love this country,my GOD,my family,my,we'll talk at ya later real soon,i hate the show,but springer says the last thing at the end of the show that's so true,"take care of yourselves,and each other",later people!!!

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