Monday, September 28, 2009

come on hugo

Hugo Chavez has a crush on Courtney Love?shows what a jackass this guy really is,come on Hugo,slow down,down boy down!!!!!!Makes ya wander doesn't it,sad to say he actually lives in the same hemisphere,woh,and that's the best you can do?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


What a game!!!!!!!!! i thought it was over ,and bam!!!!!!A blocked punt,you could just feel the air come out of happy valley,i mean whooooosh!!!!!! I never heard that many people get that quiet that fast in my life,what a great feeling. A Friend of mine (a hawk eye fan of course)was there and i can just imagine what that car ride back to Kansas was like.Sorry Penn State,well,NO I'M NOT, I LOVE THE HAWKEYES,I see big 10 champs and the rose bowl comming,GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hey ya big baby!!!!

did ya see the 19 born in Indonesia?my god,i was looking for a diploma in it's hand!!! it's half grown for crying out loud!!!AL Roker had the best line when they showed it next to a normal size baby all wrapped up and swaddled,he said"that big baby 's probably looking over at the little one and thinking,oh,a burrito"funny stuff AL!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what a work out

started working out today,crunches,curls, goal right now is 25 lbs.but if i start putting on muscle mass,i might not take weight off cause muscle mass is heavier than fat,so if i can replace fat with muscle,i can handle that,i just don't want to end up like the govornator,just a lean mean fighting machine!!!!my current weight is 307, i'm 5'10",my waist is 50,so you might have figured out why i need to do this. i'm going to do 1 day of lifting weights and 1 day of cardio,i'm going to try a new weight lifting diet called the tnt diet,from the guy's who brings you men's health,so let 's see what happens,follow along with me,let's see if i can teach this old dog new tricks!!!!and have some fun while we're at it.i'll keep ya posted!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

watts uuuuup people??????????????

like the title says,i've been having some internet bugs,but i squashed'em,and were back baby were back!!!!been a crazy week,yesterday was nothing but dr. appointments and dentist and man i'm glad thats over!!!our youngest took her first ride on a school bus monday,she got right on it,sat down,strapped herself in,and waved bye,now,i'm not a real emotional kinda guy,i get choked up sometimes like right after 9/11,the world series had someone sing GOD bless America during the 7th inning stetch,and at the end of the song,an eagle flew down from the very top of the stadium in center feild to it's trainers arm at home plate,i'm sorry,but i lost it!!!but when my little baby girl got on that bus and did what se did,I LOST IT!!! i thought,well,all 3 are in school now,now what,i'm home for all this time by myself,now what?so here we are,blogging,i like it ,cause if you talk to anybody i know,i'm a rachet gaw,in other words, i'll talk your ear off!!!so i look forward to sharing with you what's on my mind,how much i love this country,my GOD,my family,my,we'll talk at ya later real soon,i hate the show,but springer says the last thing at the end of the show that's so true,"take care of yourselves,and each other",later people!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

me and skylar

me and skylar,my 3 yr.old,spent all morning playing guitar hero world tour,fun fun fun,daddy sang while she played the drums(pretend)hey now,we were getting scores in the high 90's,not bad for an old man and a pretend drummer!!!!back to our summer vacation,you've heard of the soup nazi,well,we ran into the towel nazi,mind you there were 6 of us crammed into an already packed van.we were tired,we stopped in jonesboro,ga.we checked into a nice little clean motel,girl who checked us coulden't have been sweeter,we got to our room,double,but one little problem,only two towels,called the front desk to ask for more towels,girl said no problem,how many would you like,i said 4,she said they would be waiting for us,now,we are 2 rooms away from from the office,so it took me 2 sec's to get there,ther was a guy standing there ,i walked in ad said i'm here for my towels,he say's he has no idea what i was talking about and we had eough towels in our room,i said sir we have two towels in our room and there are 6 of us,no,no more towels,isaid gimme a break,2+6 don't add up,no,no more towels,isaid what is there a towel sortage in ga. i just need 4 more towels,he said,i give you three,i said now we're getting some where,now all i need is 1 more towel,he said i give you 1 more towel,you know the bath mat you put on floor,there,you have 6 towels now,next please,i said wait just a cotton picken minute,you really want me to go in there,take a shower after being on the road for16 hours and use something that 10,000 pair of feet have stood on,and dry my face and hair,is that what your asking me to do?next please,4 couples were waiting in line to check in,all walked right out the door after hearing him suggest what i use for my 6th towel,i looked stright into his eyes and said,you have to be the stupidest motel clerk in the history of motel clerks,and walked the door belly laughing the whole way,i even stopped at the window and threw back my head and let out a big ole loud as i could laugh!!!jerry,kramer,i got you whatever you do,DON'T STOP AT JONESBORO,GA.PASS THE EXIT,DON'T COLLECT $200.00,JUST KEEP DRIVING!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

vacation 2009

as you can see from the profile pic,we went to Orlando,had a great time,but,we did not go down there to go to Disney world,our oldest son Brandon was one of the top bible quizzers in the state so that moved him up to world status so we got to go to world quizz in Orlando,then out of 40 questions given to them,he only missed 3,so that put him in the 8% of the world quizzers!!! you talk about one proud mama & papa!!! then on the 4th of july,we went to Disney world, i don't know if you heard about the mono-rail accident that killed a 21 yr.old kid,we were on the mono-rail when it happened,thank GOD it was at another park when it happened,but man,sure makes ya think of life a little different.well that's all for now,catch ya on the flip side,more vacation news to come!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

about myself

hey everybody,well,let's see,i'm 49,married to my beautiful bride josie,have 3 georeous kids,two boys and one girl,been married for 9 yrs.own our own house,go to church every sunday and wed. night,my wife and i are in charge of Super Church at our church,kids 1-5 are in there,we average abot 20-25 kids every sunday,we have so much fun with them and they are great kids too.we have way too much going on to share with you on this first post but lots more to come!!!!!